Somaliland: Suspected Clan Milita Attack El-Afweine Town


Suspected Clan Milita Attack the Somaliland town of El Afweine In Sanaag region

By Guled Abdi Mahir
SomalilandSun – Residents of Elafweine in Sanaag region are living in fear of their lives following attack by yet to be identified gunmen.

News filtered out of El-Afwein Town in Sanaag region by  purport that a group of heavily armed gunmen reigned havoc in town. According to eyewitnesses the bandits stormed the town at about 7 pm last night and started spraying bullets at the shopping center whereby many innocent people were going about their errands.
As we went to press two people were nursing their injuries while many other have not yet been confirmed.
The gunmen sprayed a hail of bullets at shops and restaurants dotting the vicinity of El-Afwein town before disappearing in the ensuing melee.
An eyewitness speaking on condition of anonymity confirmed that the thugs were targeting some people from a rival clan they suspected were lounging within the shopping center.
Up to now we have no clear information about the motive of these crooks however residents claim it pertains a past skirmishes between two rival clans residing in that town. And neither has the Sanaag regional administration nor central government in Hargeisa issued a statement.
Of late there has been a tit for tat gun battle between two brotherly clan in El- Afwein town following a misunderstanding that originated from land and water resources which caused bad blood amongst these people hence the recurring conflict.
A few months back some parts of the wider El afweine districts were the scene of clashes between the two resident clans that were quelled after intervention by heavily armed and subsequent reconciliation facilitated by the government and traditional leaders.