Somaliland: Suspected Al-Shabaab Members Apprehended


Somalilandsun – 5 suspected Al Shabaab members were taken for interrogation today after Somaliland security forces stopped a bus that they were travelling on between Berbera and Hargeisa ,locals have reported.
The bus was stopped this evening at Aw Barkadle village just 51 kilometres east of Hargeisa, the capital. All passengers were ordered to get out of the bus and 5 persons were taken away by the police according to the local press published in Somali .

SOMALILAND police did not comment on the arrests.

Al Shabaab carried out a terrorist attack on the presidential palace, the UN office and the Ethiopian consular affairs office in Hargeisa on October 29 , 2008 killing at least 25 civilians. At-least one other attack of lower magnitude has taken place after 2008 but with fewer casualties.