Somaliland: Support to Health Policy and Reform Unit at Ministry of Health


Somalilandsun – Background Somaliland has been largely spared by decades of armed conflict and social strife that have destroyed most of the health system in Somalia. Download PDF (254.58 KB)

Yet, it is operated in post-conflict context with an overall lack of human capital in the health sector, dilapidated infrastructure and a fragmented health system with the unregulated private sector mainly providing services contributing to health outcomes such as maternal and child mortalities that are among the highest in the world. Widespread malnutrition, poor access to quality medicines, limited access to safe drinking water, continuing environmental degrading, food insecurity, fragmented health care services, frequenting epidemics of outbreaks, abject poverty and very low literacy rates remain the key factors contributing to poor health outcomes.
In their efforts for political and economic development, the Somaliland authorities have placed social services among the top priority list to be addressed immediately. The health sector has already developed its strategic vision and laid it out in a comprehensive strategic medium-term plan (2013-2016) in which objectives and high-level benchmarks and indicators are clearly articulated. National commitment and ownership of the implementation process remain the guiding principle to ensure the attainment of the health sector goals and objectives.
The Somaliland Government is committed to economic development, expressed in the “National Development Plan”. Somaliland is engaging in strengthening public financial management (PFM) and has developed a PFM strategy with the MoH being one of their first line Ministries for implementing PFM reforms. The Somaliland Ministry of Planning and Development held an economic conference early this year to analyze economic data and discuss the way forward to strengthen economic planning and budgeting processes in collaboration with the National Planning Commission and in complementarity to the Somaliland Development Fund. Somaliland also has a special agreement in response to the Somali New Deal and held its second High Level Aid Coordination Forum in June.
The Ministry of Health has completed a restructuring process and has resumed the execution of core functions such as formulating policies, plan and budget strategically, undertake legal drafting, regulating, setting standards and ensuring quality control of services provided. Efforts are ongoing to engage in the decentralization of administrative structures supported by the UN funded Joint Programme for Local Governance and a policy for decentralization has been developed. Currently a health expenditure review is being carried out to support planning processes and the formulation of a health financing strategy.
It is in this new environment that the Somaliland Ministry of Health seeks external technical assistance and advice as well as the transfer of knowledge and skills especially in the area of policy and planning.
1.Objectives of the consultancy
• Review the existing MOH organizational structure and its core functions in light of the planed decentralization process of public health administration;
• In support to the Department of Policy and Planning, consolidate and summarize the existing organogram and advise on options for improving;
• Familiarize the management and planning team with options for health service delivery appropriate for the Somaliland context;
• Advise the Policy and Planning Department on its mandate and responsibilities for policy formulation and planning function as well as its structure and staffing.
• Review existing planning processes and support the production of budgets that are based on available resources.
• An inception report outlining the methodology and time lines for the assignment;
• Terms of Reference, outlining functions, mandate and responsibilities of the Policy and Planning Department;
• 1-year operational plan including budget for the department;
• At least 10 years of working experience in health sectors of transitional and fragile states;
• Prior work with Health Policy and Planning Departments;
• Track record of analytical work in health sectors;
• Proven experience in transferring knowledge and skill in performing key policy functions at Ministries of Health;
• Strong facilitating skills;
• Ability to provide sound methodological and technical advice and guidance to Ministry staff;
• Excellent English writing and presentation skills;
• Excellent communication and leadership skills;
• Ability to work under pressure;
• Committed to produce and deliver results and workable solutions;
• Moves forward in changing in changing environment;
• Creates an empowering and motivating atmosphere;
• Advanced University degree in Public Health or Health Policy;
7.Additional information
Qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply.
How to apply:
Interested candidates are kindly requested and strongly encouraged to apply in writing sending their CVs and technical proposal relevant to the ToRs to:
Administrative Officer, WHO Somalia;