Somaliland: Support Local Businesses


Somaliland is for all of us and it is our homeland

By: Suleiman Aden DheereDahabshil logo

Somalilandsun – The biggest money transfer Dahabshil is in trouble as Barclays threatens to stop its Account thence cessation of funds transfer to Somaliland and other destinations.

This is bad news for S/land families who use and rely on Dahabshil money transfer and those who earn a living or work. The question is, do we need to campaign and try our best not letting Somaliland base company to die or do we ignored it, because it is somebody else business?

In my view, it is our own benefit to support S/land based or owned Companies such as Dahabshil money transfer for the sake of employment, internal Somaliland project support and above all its reliability and reasonable transfer charges.

It is important to remember that, there are people who are dreaming to put S/land to its knees, socially and economically. Therefore Somaliland public and government need to work side by side in order to succeed this difficult situation and achieve their main goal to fully recognized independent state

Somaliland is for all of us and it is our homeland.

Suleiman Aden Dheere