Somaliland: Successful Sports Tournaments Need Concerted Efforts


EDITORIALDr Hagaltosie (C) with other officials welcome the Buhodle regional team in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun – When it comes to issues regarding peaceful and harmonious setting in any area, zone, region or a continent, it is an irrefutable fact that sporting is a major diplomatic tool to boosting or cementing brethrenship bonds.

Whether tournaments are organized for games held between schools, colleges, companies or any institutions; or whether they are inter-districts, inter-regional, between countries as a zone or continental, the truth is that such interactions which bring different groups together is a plus for friendship or harmonious fortitude.

A bond of unity, friendship, brotherhood etc are substantially either started, acknowledged or advanced in such circumstantial scenarios, auras or festivities.

We are of course elated by the fact that teams from the Buuhodle and places as far as Badan have joined the fray in search of national football glory.

We hope, believe and expect that the games would go on smoothly and as planned.

It is to be noted that due to national interest this paper was the first (and only one) to call for the postponement of the tournament in this same column in the beginning of the year.

Now that all is well, we hope that the organizers, players, football fans, the media and the administration of the day would join hands together, in concerted efforts, and make success of the whole tournament as envisaged.

True, much kudos goes to the state and ministry concerned.

Hon. Hagaltosie on his part has played a major role in facilitating for the fledgling of the games.

On the same note, much as we can hype on the games kicking-off today, we should not rest there but do the necessary.

In other words for our national tournaments to be worth the names, we should in future start from the grass roots as necessitated by international soccer norms, rules and etiquette.

The sports Ministry should look for funds to organize the games and classify them as per regulated divisions.

The games should be worth their name and as many districts and as many athletes should be co-opted.

We of-course applaud the games, as starters, but we should look further as expected.

More tournaments has got to be organized from ground level hence divisions should be set.

Next should come the deserving rounds and so on and so forth.

If we are to join Cecafa or Caf or Fifa, as per our aspirations, then we should build our houses from the foundation bases.

Other wise it’s so far so good. May the best team win, just as we pray for SL to prosper.

The author of this editorial Mr. M.A. Egge is the editor of the The Horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media Group-DMG