Somaliland: Student Dies in Freak Arabsiyo Accident, Three others Injured


The accident occurred at this busy road in Arabsiyo that connects Somaliland to Ethiopia and Djibouti

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
Somalilandsun- Residents of Arabsiyo are mourning the death of a youngster who died after being hit by a water truck.
The death and injury to three others occurred in the early morning when the fast moving water bowser hit the four students in the middle of the road bringing a regular and mishap free journey to school to a fatal end.
According to an eyewitness the accident took place in the middle of the road while the four were crossing from their homesteads towards their school in Arbasiyo district of Gabile Region of Somaliland.
Police are yet to release any information on the accident at the town’s main road which also happens to be one of the busiest in the country since it connects Hargeisa and the rest of Somaliland to both Ethiopia and Djibouti.

Freak Road accidents have become a regular feature of life in Somaliland