Somaliland: Stop Politicizing Security Services and Operations warns Police Commander

L-R Somaliland police force Brigadier General Mohamed Adan Sagadhi ‘Dabagale' and commander Police General service police unit- Birmadka, Colonel Abdi Ahmed-tiir at the meet

Somalilandsun: The Commander of the Somaliland Police Force, Brigadier General Mohamed Aden Saqadi, has warned people who insult Somaliland Force through media to refrain, or else, would be prosecuted.

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Police Chief Saqadi, speaking to graduates of the College of Police Officers, said it is not permissible as per the constitution for people to post military affairs on social media on a daily basis, and suggested that anyone with a complaint to go through the legal process.

“I am telling the public that insulting Somaliland security forces through media is wrong. If you have a genuine complaint, go through legal channels. We record daily those who bring disrepute to military issue and surely will regret when arrested”, he warned.

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The commander threatened to take action against people who accused Somaliland forces kidnapping without any proof.

The police chief advised the public not to speculate wildly when someone is arrested, but contact the relevant authorities for information, he said.

“Public need not speculate wildly when someone is arrested. Anyone who commit crime can be arrested. Approach Police, Prosecutors’ office or courts for information duly”, he said.

The police chief Saqadi, advised graduated officers and Police force as a whole to perform their prayers, and instruct their subordinates on righteousness. When religion enters one’s heart, he noted, one becomes loyal to his nation, his leaders, and his people hence avoids nepotism and injustice, and becomes a person of principle.


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