Somaliland: “Stop Insinuating our Involvement in Somalia Elections” Government Warns the International Community

president Muse Bihi chairs the 59th session of the Somaliland council of ministers via video conference

Somalilandsun: Somaliland is a sovereign country that respects the sovereignty of other countries especially as pertains in the intervention in internal affairs.

To this effect the government of Somaliland strongly urges members of the international community with a stake in the Horn of Africa   to immediately desist from continued insinuations that the people of this country are involved thus have a part to play in late this year planned elections in Somalia.

This caution was issued during a 59th session of the Council of ministers held via video conference  and chaired by president Muse Bihi assisted by his deputy Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail ‘Sayli’ in Hargeisa

The regular weekly meeting which dwelt in various issues among them the pandemic Covid-19 and ongoing efforts to reconcile warring clans in El-afweine district of Saanag region also set out new guidelines on how development and donor organizations undertake interventions activities in the country.

On the matter of planned Somalia elections the government of Somaliland having stated clearly that it supports all endeavours to not only find lasting peace but attain full democracy in the neighbouring country said that “Let the IC stop insinuating that Somaliland is part and parcel of the planned elections courtesy of some citizens from Somaliland currently based in Mogadishu.

“WE hereby inform n that citizens of our country currently in Mogadishu are there as individuals pursuing livelihoods thus do not in any way represent the Republic of Somaliland” the government stated adding that all matters to this country are aptly handled by elected bodies that act under mandate bestowed by the constitution of Somaliland to handle governance and political matters”

This warning to the international community with a stake in the Horn of Africa and specifically addressed to the European Union and IGAD reiterates a similar statement issued by the ministry of foreign   affairs in February and on the same subject which in part read

“The Government of the Republic of Somaliland, in light of a recent joint press statement in January 28, 2020, on Somalia’s electoral law by its international partners, would like to caution the international community against any interventions in the region that risk compromising Somaliland’s hard-earned, lawful and legitimate sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence”.

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A number of individuals orally from Somaliland current hold parliamentary seats and government positions in government while others have in the past and are in plans to vie for the presidency  in Somalia which continues to claim sovereignty of  Somaliland thirty years after the two separated from a 1960 voluntary later turned union.

a pre covid 19 Somaliland council of ministers meetring chaired by president Muse Bihi in hargeisa

At the same time the government has warned international development and humanitarian partners against negating the sovereignty of Somaliland.

Upon a detailed briefing by the minister of planning and national development the 59th session of the Council of ministers which thanked all partners for support over the years also cautioned on the oft inclusion as part of Somalia by these organizations and bodies.

To this effect the government issued guidelines on how these development and humanitarian partners will henceforth engage in Somaliland namely:

  • All international organizations must be registered with the government of Somaliland and provide detailed information on ongoing and planned interventions.
  • All public institutions in Somaliland to only deal with duly registered foreign organizations
  • Participants from Somaliland in meetings of these organizations shall only attend on condition that they are invited and hosted as representatives of a sovereign nation.
  • Stressing that this was not a request but mandatory, the council of ministers added that any projects funded by the IC but negating the said, shall not be implemented. And
  • Any that contravenes the above shall be dealt as legal dictates

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