Somaliland: Stop Illegal Fencing of Pasture-lands, DG Warns Again


Camels graze in sparsely grassed Pastureland in charcoal burners infested Sanaag region/ photo by somalilandsun

By A.A. Jama

HARGEISA- (Somalilandsun): The Director General of the Ministry of Environment and Rural Development Mr. Mohamed Farah Hirsi officially opened the fourth conference for Deegaan network, that saw the election of a new head, at Mansoor Hotel in Hargeisa on Thursday.

Notable attendants on the occasion were Sonyo chairman Mr. Mubarak Ismail Taani and the chairman for Somaliland Disability Association Mr. Muktar Osman ,Officials and members of Deegaan network from all regions of Somaliland took part. In his opening speech Mr. Mohamed Farah was dismayed that irresponsibility’s on the part of some pastoralists have seen in the recent times rampant illegal arbitrary acts of fencing off of communal large tracts of grazing pasturelands at the expense of both the environmental and socio-security aspects in the rural areas and country at large.

This is the third time in less than a fort-night that the official has publicly decried environmental degradation and uncalled for human behaviours that aggravate the issue. The DG warned that the government would no longer wait but shall take stern befitting actions as per regulations legally prescribe.

The outgoing chairman of deegaan network Muxiyadiin Ahmed Jibril on his part revisited notable issues undertaken during his term in office asregards aspects of development. He particularly underscored the afforestation programmes implemented by the network in the city.