Somaliland: Stop Fanning and Fuelling Tribalism


Somalilandsun – Political parties were created to establish civilized ways and means of policing and attending to issues for the good of all strands in the fabrics of societies.

Uppermost is the dismantling of tribal and clannish ways of life that nurtures barbarism and savagery where there is complete and total absence of rules and tenets whose guidelines not only appeal to different communities but bond them together. Political parties are groups of communities in the society brought together to rally for the goodness of all in one solid unit.
They thus speak with one voice, stay and live in harmony and togetherness and are regulated by tenets whose rules bring about norms that exude civility.
After a decade of electioneering processes, we should have leapt ahead further than where we are today. Despite the fact that we are, luckily, ages ahead of countries like Somalia.
As we have pointed out before in this same column, we are neither a case study nor are we to make Mogadishu our yardstick. We ought to and MUST walk astride and humbly with the rest of the civilized world, gauging against them.
That much said, all Somalilanders should not only avoid but TOTALLY stop on its tracks all innuendoes, acts and/or issues tailored to fan tribalism and selfish, egotist and retrogressive partisan clannish tendencies.
The rest of the world is watching us just as the countries of the horn region are keen on whatever evolves within and around our backyard.
The political fever is pitching higher in a climate that is slowly and surely revolving around what we long ago decided to curtail -tribalism.
The time and, by reference, money lost on a dead end is quite costly.
By ALL Somalilanders we mean the clergy, elders, eminent personalities, esteem politicians, the traditional and contemporary leaders, the populace at large –thus the young, old and sundry and with the government at the forefront.
We should and must do something swiftly, quickly and promptly to arrest this decadence before further damage is made to our society.
Somaliland is too dear to all of us just as it is larger than all her subjects.
The naked, hawkish and callously virulent rhetoric heard and seen in attacks and counter attacks that, if anything, undermines what we have painfully and without tangible foreign help put together, is just too sad, disgusting and hurtful to bear.
We cannot sit down and allow what is going on with impunity and unchecked to continue any more.
The abusive and malicious snotty words are indeed fertile devilish nursery beds that may nurture public discords hence render brethren asunder.
No, no-oh no! God forbid.
We do not want such scenario since it would only turn back the clock to the dark dungeons of abyss and retrogression.
We ought to mobilize a national guidance campaign to bring back sanity and sobriety.
Our ministers and the sultans and the Guurti should do the necessary and lead. The media industry should, on their part stop abetting and avoid highlighting snobbish items.
These recent spate of daises that emit fire-spitting scornful tongue-lashes is coming to a new height and must stop forthwith.
Somaliland is, again, too dear.
An original editorial of The Horn Tribune, an English weekly newspaper published in Hargeisa by the State owned Dawan Media Group