Somaliland: Stockholm to Contribute the Beautification and Planning of Hargeisa Infrastructure System


Hargeisa Mayor Abdirahman Mohamoud Aydid has received a delegation led by the Secretary General of the Municipality of Swedens capital city

BY: Mahamoud H. Qodah
Hargeisa (Somalilandsun) – Hargeisa Mayor Abdirahman Mohamoud Aydid has received a delegation led by the Secretary General of the Municipality of Sweden’s capital city, as the Chairman of Hargeisa local council disclosed his desire that Stockholm municipality will contribute their experience to the development and the beautification of Somaliland’s capital city, Hargeisa.

The mayor in his reception for the Swedish Delegation has been accompanied by the Secretary General of Hargeisa city, the Director General of Ministry of Information and National Guidance, General Manager of National Television and other government officials including members of House of Parliament.
“It’s an opportunity for us to have higher officials from Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm and are led by the Secretary General of Stockholm Municipality and were accompanied by members from Somaliland Diaspora Community in here today. They came here in order to contribute their expertise and technical recommendations to the development activities which are running in the country and particularly to bring their experience on planning and developing cities and the infrastructures of Somaliland’s cities including Hargeisa municipality.” Said Abdirahman M. Aydid.
The Mayor has thanked for the Diaspora members for establishing the cooperation, communication and collaboration between Stockholm and Hargeisa.
Speaking about Hargeisa/Stockholm relations, the Mayor has noted, “I am welcoming the Secretary General of Stockholm for the Somaliland capital city, as we will arrange several meetings on creating close relations and links between the two cities (Hargeisa and Stockholm).”
Secretary General of Hargeisa city Mowlid Waris speaking about the Swedish delegation who arrived in the country on Tuesday stated that there is a new era of relationship for both cities Hargeisa and Stockholm, and I am happy for that a new cooperation has been established.
On the other side, Secretary General of Stockholm Mr. Lors Radh told that his delegation is happy to arrive in Somaliland’s capital city, Hargeisa. I am highly contented that we have received an invitation from Somaliland capital city, as there have been a lot of other members who were interested in visiting to Hargeisa. He in the meantime, noted that acknowledged his gratitude to the mayor of Hargeisa, and the other members who have welcomed his delegation, and the Somaliland diaspora members who effectively facilitated his visit to Somaliland.
Mahmoud H. Qodah