Somaliland: Stern Warning to Dhulbahante Leaders Pursuing Parliamentary Seats in Somalia

Las Anod is a no go area for traitors to Somaliland

Somalilandsun:The Somaliland administration has issued a stern warning to Dhulbahante politicians who are eager to run in Somalia’s parliamentary and upper house elections.

The deputy governor of Somaliland’s Sool region, Suleiman Diriye Abdi, who spoke to the media in Las Anod, warned individuals seeking to campaign for Somalia’s parliament in Somaliland, particularly in the Sool region.

The regional administrator warned that anyone trying to campaign for the  Somalia parliament in Sool region will surely face the wrath of law , a warning that includes hotels that host such activites.

in conclusion  The deputy governor of Sool said the region is Somaliland territory and those who want to be legislators in somalia thence traitors to Somaliland should pursue campaign activites in Mogadishu.

The Somaliland council of ministers also touched on the matter during its its 65th session