Somaliland: State will Never Allow Flouting of Constitution- President


By M.A.EggePresident Silanyo inaugerates new religious Radio Chanel

Somalilandsun – The state has emphatically said not to any individual or groups of individuals whatsoever who are bent on or are out to cause breach of peace hence stir up the cherished stability.

The Head of State H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo was categorical that despite the fact that the state practiced tolerance, “it would not allow the flouting of the constitution the land”.

The President gave the sentiments directed towards a group of opposition members while he inaugurated a new FM radio station at Radio Hargeisa over the week. The station is an exclusively Koranic one.

While the President greeted Somalilanders and the Muslim world wishing them a happy Holy Month of Ramadan, he was taken aback that the oppositionists decided to flout the constitution and embark on a collusion course during such a month.

It is quite perturbing that “some people would embark on issues” bent on causing havoc “by peddling Rumours, stating libelous remarks and flouting the constitution during Ramadan”, said the President.

Leading opposition politicians including UCID chairman Feisal Ali-Warabe, Haqsoor and UDHIS heads Hassan Isse Jama and Ibrahim Degaweine respectively, former cabinet members Mohammed Hashi Elmi, Ali-Gurei, MP Suleiman Ali Kore, Isse Uragte were some of the people who declared the formation of a “National Consultative Council’.

The words contained in the communiqué of the group were expressly “aimed to subvert the stability and precisely maligning filled with malice”, observed the President.

The President was flanked by the Interior Minister Hon. Ali Mohamed, Information Minister Hon. A.M. Ukuse and Religion and E interior minister warns committeendowment Minister Hon. Khalil amongst senior officials.

On the same note the Minister of Interior Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran’ade similarly gave a terse statement warning that the government would not allow the state to be undermined and taken for granted.

He clarified that there were apt national councils and assemblies charged with the formulation, defense and execution of government policies through the legislature, judiciary and line ministries and departments.

“I hereby make it vivid that claims of the introduction of a ‘National Consultative Council’ is legally not binding hence is null and void”, said Hon. Waran’ade.

Similarly, the Head of Dawan Media Group Mr. Mohammed Sayid Mire echoed their words and said that there was already in place legal assemblies and councils to cater for all channels of communications and associated consultations.Dawan boss: Sayid Mire

Mr. Mire made it clear that our triple political heritage had already come of age.

He said that after 22 years, SL has transformed from the traditional system of pacification, governance and resettlement to a point where the country today has all the wrappings of statehood and government while thrives a proper multiparty democracy.

He advised the opposition leaders to be ethical and follow the right channels and deal with issues through their political parties

Mr. Feisal Ali-Warabe is the incumbent chairman of official opposition party UCID, whereas the Haqsoor amongst the failed opposition parties.