Somaliland: State Warns National Conference Convenors


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By Guleid Abdi Maher

HARGEISA (Somaliland Sun) – The minister of internal security of Somaliland, Mr. Ali Mohammed Waran’ade has said that the government would not allow the opposition party to hold national conference to discuss political issues in the country.

He called the two opposition parties; the Party of Justice and Development [UCID] and the National Party [Wadani] for talks in his office to discuss the matter. The minister while speaking in a press conference in his office and said that he wanted to be clear on the issue because of late rumours have been spreading in the media about the opposition plan to meet and talk about

Political situation in the country. Mr. Waran’ade stressed the importance of the political parties in the country, and added that the citizens of the nation have a constitution that they follow which is a deterrent to confrontation and arguments and everyone should respect it. “Government institutions have power and diverse responsibilities entitled to them by the law and if political parties want to hold a national conference the only person the constitution allows to call for a national conference is the president of the republic H.E Ahmed Mohammed Mahmud ,” Mr. Waran’ade stated.

The minister thanked God about the security of the nation which he claimed was 99% secure and told the opposition to forward whatever short comings or ideas to the government. He warned political parties not to break the law of the land and hold a national conference, and told them that the government only allows political parties to hold meeting for their respective parties and not a national one.

Mean while the chairman of [Guurti] senate Hon. Suleiman Mohamed Adan has advised the two main political parties National Party [Wadani] and Party of Justice and Development [UCID] against organizing by the two committees both parties have selected to prepare for the national consultation conference. Hon. Suleiman told journalist in his office that wrangling within ruling [Kulmiye Party] needs to be solved and if not he may be forced to intervene.