Somaliland: State Warns Against Self-Appointments to Public Office, Arrests One


Somalilandsun- While the Government of Somaliland is open to public complaints, citizens claiming to non-existent public offices shall be dealt with accordingly.
This was stated by the Maroodi-Jeeh (Hargeisa) Region Governor Jama Haji Ahmed adding that Police in the capital Hargeisa are holding a person who claimed to be mayor of a district in Hargeisa.
According to some media reports some residents of Mahmud Haibe district in Hargeisa had selected Hussein Shabeel Ibrahim as their mayor.

“This act is contrary to laws of the country thence the arrest of Hussein Shabeel” said Governor Jama adding that the matter is now police investigations and subsequent action.
Stressing on the fact that the capital has a fully functional and legally elected local council which has mandate of service provision, the administrator said that avenues exists for complaints by residents dissatisfied with services.

Poor roads condition in Mahmud Haybe district of Hargeisa Somaliland

In their protest leading to the naming of now in custody Shabeel as their mayor Residents of the city district had also vowed not to pay any taxes to the Hargeisa Municipality.
On the other hand the mayor of Hargeisa, Councillor Abdirahman Mahmud Aideed ‘Solteco’ has also acknowledged the arrest of the man claiming to have replaced him.
Speaking to press mayor Solteco said that laws of Somaliland clearly indicate established public offices and procedures of filling them “ either by official appointment or through election”
Similarly the payment of taxes to local councils is a constitutional obligation as is listening of public grievances by both local and central governments.
While the two officials stipulated legalities in relations to this bizarre event , it is worth mentioning that Hargeisa city residents suffer from very lackluster public service provision by their Municipality.
Among these constraints include but not limited to poor roads, potholed, water scarcity and worst is garbage collection. As for few good roads within the Somaliland capital credit goes to UNHabitat facilitated Joint Program for Local Governance-JPLG.


mahmud Haybe district residents justify non recognition of Solteco as Hargeisa mayor