Somaliland: State Warns against Derailing Oil Prospectus


As fears of disgruntled Sanyare residents in Burao district of Toghdeer region are calmed

By M.A. EggeGenel oil blocks in somaliland

BURAO (Somalilandsun) – A three prong meeting between the oil prospective company Genel, that is currently operating within the country, the Ministry of Interior and local representations have defused the tensions that threatened obstructing the on-going exploratory services of the natural resources.

According to a reliable source, the disgruntled members of the society who misconceived some aspects of the operations have now had their fears calmed hence the works is to continue without any hitches as scheduled.

This, the source confirms, is after amiable agreements by the stakeholders after lengthy deliberations yesterday.

The Interior Minister had a day earlier on warned that stern actions would be taken against any members of the public who would jeopardize the exercises.

The three-prong deliberations between the stake holders had the state represented by the interior minister himself, local Togdheer Regional Governor Abdillahi Hamarji and the Burao Mayor on one hand, Mr. Mike Keen, the General Manager Genel, Mr. Ibrahim Aden Genel country manager and Mr. Jamal Aden Direct (Odweine block manager) on the other while local area elders were on the other side of the negotiation table for the area residents.

It is understWaranade interior minister spearheaded negotiationsood that it is the potion of Sanyare areas that were in contention hence have now been laid down to rest.

Earlier on the state had categorically warned any individual (or any group of persons for that matter) to refrain forthwith from any acts that would jeopardize the ongoing smooth functions of explorations of oil in the country.

The Interior Minister Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran-adde gave the directive at Burao when he spoke to the SLNTV. He advised disgruntled elements to be patient hence wait for their turn.

Hon. Waran-adde said that the western blocks of the surveys are to be embarked upon soon.

He further emphasized that the basic residential and environmental rights of the peoples and areas in question would be safe guarded as per standard regulations.

Hon. Waran-adde equally warned that stern actions would be met upon such errant persons who take to waylay the investiture efforts.

The minister observed that some residents in areas under surveys mistook the procedures of local Genel has invested 60 m oil surveys in somaliland so farjob quotas hence assumed that they were simply by-passed.

He stated that he had already met with the management of the oil exploratory mission hence understood that the residents of wherever under operation would be absorbed in the works whenever they are reached.

He advised disgruntled elements to be patient hence wait for their turns.