Somaliland: State to Wage War Against Witchcraft Practitioners


Caught disguised as a woman this man is among many practicing witchcraft in Somaliland

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun- The minister of Interior Hon. Yasin Mohammed Hiir a.k.a. Faratoon has categorically said that voodoos shall not be tolerated at all in the country and that the state will fight it out-rightly.
The minister gave the warning on Friday when he gave an exclusive interview to our sister paper Dawan’s Feisal Hiis Weerar at a time that the menace has become numerous in the country leaving the populace worried.
At the same time the minister said that the assumption that the Ethiopian government is against the establishment of the UAE military base in Berbera is quite false.
“I warn those practicing voodoos (magic) that they will face the full forces of the law”, warned the minister.
“The security personnel have their orders to fight against this vice, and investigations are presently underway”, he announced.
He charged that those using the vice are thugs hence all those suspected will be apprehended and interrogated.
Hon. Yasin Faratoon said that the Ethiopian government is always welcoming the good that come in the way for Somaliland
He said that all those who assume that the Ethiopians are against the establishment of the forthcoming military base are enemies who do not want to see both the people and their nation to prosper.
interior minister Faraton says plans are to eliminate with doctord in Somaliland As concerns the El-afwein recurrent skirmishes that pitted two brotherly communities against each other the minister said that the issue has been put under control.
He said, “The skirmishes recurred due to the late payment of the blood money (of a previous skirmish) which has been postponed until rainy days”.
He added that those who perpetrated it were arrested and that security personnel were in place and monitored the area.
On the issue of the Somaliland Shillings in which a state directive gave guidelines, the minister said that the government will continue being steadfast on its orders
He said that when changes occur there was always those who manipulated the situations and as such those selling the foreign currency in black market will soon be nabbed.
He said the government will not back down from the directives on the use of the national currency.