Somaliland: State to Enhance Food Security through Purchase of Local Agricultural Produce


Somalilandsun: The Government of Somaliland has disclosed that it would start buying cereals from local farmers as part of policy on national food security.

The revelation was made following the weekly council of cabinet meeting held latest.

The meeting also pondered on the ongoing safeguard measures that are ongoing to ward-off the coronavirus pandemic hence bolstered it further.

Despite being an un-recognized country the nation of Somaliland has gone at great lengths to establish measures to prevent the disease that can be said to be half-lockdown, hence are blessed as not having any case of the malaise to date.

Some great internationally re-known personalities have palpitated the country’s efforts and have so far acknowledged it. (See Michael Rubin’s article in this issue.)

The directives on the purchasing of local cereals were contained in an eight-point articles to be adopted.

The administration has suspended the projects contained in the 2020 budget hence taxations is to be reviewed.

They are:

  1. The constituted national task force committee on COVID-19 has to be in-corporated in them the Vice-president and Finance Minister hence chaired by the VP from Thursday 26th March 2020.
  2. The district task force for Hargeisa should be in co-operated with the deputy interior minister and the regional governor because of the high city population. It is to be chaired by deputy minister.
  3. The tax alleviations made by the previous administration be reviewed.
  4. Suspension of projects contained in 2020 budget.
  5. Purchases be made by the state from farmers of local cereals produce.
  6. Tax reliefs be made on medical appliances and drugs meant to combat COVID- 19 spread.
  7. The council of cabinet donated a month salary to the cause of controlling the coronavirus.
  8. The stepping up of electronic mail in government offices as opposed to print ones.

By M.A.Egge