Somaliland: State Sets Conditions for Prof Galayd’s Participation at Late Garaad Abshir Burial


Thus literally providing the first ever opportunity for the Khatumoist Secession leader to mingle freely and publicly with Somaliland government and political leadership.
By: Yusuf M Hasan
Garaad Abshir

Somalilandsun- The late Garaad Abshir Salah Mohamed shall be given a state burial in his hometown in the Eastern Somaliland region of Sool.
This was informed by the minister of information, Culture and National Guidance Osman Sahardiid ‘Adani’ in Hargeisa where he also revealed that prominent personalities leading violent opposition against the government of Somaliland have also been invited to attend but with conditions.
“Prof Ali Khalif Galayd can also attend the burial of the late Sool region traditional leader on condition that his entourage shall be unarmed” said minister Sahardiid adding that the regional and central governments which are organizers of the state burial are and shall be solely responsible for security.
Prof Galayd who is a native of Sool region is a member of the Somalia Parliament in Mogadishu and also leader of a secession movement that aspires to a Khatumoist state of Somalia presumably to curved off areas in Sool and eastern Sanaad regions of Somaliland.
Somaliland information minister Osman Sahardiid Though active participation in Somalia Federal Service is treason for citizens of Somaliland the Khatumoist secession movement in which continued clashes between Khatumoist militias and National security forces makes Prof Galayd public enemy #1 in the country.
If the Khatumoist leader accedes to the conditions set for participation at the Burial of late Garaad Abshir it shall be the very first time that Prof Galayd and other senior secessionist personalities meet and mingle publicly with Somaliland’s government officials and political leaders.
The demise of late Garaad Abshir Salah Mohamed who passed away in Sweden on the first 1st July this year has been termed as a tragic loss to the country having been a traditional leader dedicated to peaceful co-existence not only among his constituents in Sool region but Somaliland at large as well.
In his message of condolence message addressed to the family and relatives as well as the country’s traditional leadership president Ahmed Mahmoud said that the late Garaad was an experienced people’s champion who shall be remembered for his selfless service to peaceful co-existence and development in Somaliland
Prof Khalif Galayd Though a date is yet to be announced it is expected that the deceased Garaad shall be buried immediately upon arrival of his body.