Somaliland: State Reviews First Draft of the National Diaspora Policy


At an SLDA and IOM facilitated Policy Review Workshop with advise from Diaspora affairs experts of Somaliland origin

participants at the Somaliland Draft National Diaspora Policy Review Workshop

Somalilandsun-The Somaliland Diaspora Agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation in cooperation with the UN Migration Agency IOM in Somaliland held a one day Consultative Diaspora Policy Dialogue Workshop on the Monday Sept 11th 2017 at Maansoor Hotel in Hargeisa. A group of Diaspora professionals and subject experts from the Somaliland Diaspora in different host countries were invited to review the First Draft of the National Diaspora Policy The other dignitaries included          Ministers, Ambassadors, Some of MOFA Departmental directors, Diaspora entrepreneurs, officials from different public bodies and other guests attended. At the opening, officials who delivered the opening remarks included MOFA State Minister, Prof Mohamed Mihilke Boqorre, SLDA Chairman Mr. Abdi Abdi Abdillahi Hersi (Dayaxweerar), Ex-minister of the Aviation Mr. Ahmed Nur Fahiye, Director General of the Somaliland Anti-Piracy Coordination Office, Mr Mohamed Osman, IOM Officer in Charge, Mr. Mohamed Omer Idan, Chairperson of Djiboutian Community in Somaliland, Mme Maryam Hassan Farah. Also Somaliland Ambassador to Oman and Kuwait, Amb Salaan Hassan Kayd and Deputy Chairperson of the Somaliland HIV/AIDS Commission, and Manager of the National SARYAN Museum Mr Saeed Shukri who themselves were previously members from the Diaspora attended an actively participated. All these public figures and personages that spoke at the opening emphasized the significance of the Somaliland Diaspora in the economic, social and political development of Somaliland and the need to come up with more comprehensive and inclusive National Diaspora policy for the Republic of Somaliland. The SLDA Chairman, Mr. Dayaxweerar briefed the participants about the recent achievements of the Diaspora Agency and his team’s high commitment to develop and come up with the most fitting Diaspora policy document in collaboration with the Diaspora groups, public institutions and all other stakeholders. He also commented on an upcoming Diaspora Service Guide. The Chairman thanked IOM for supporting the conducted workshop.

 Presentations and group work discussions were facilitated whist the participants provided useful inputs into the given topics regarding the policy statements and the policy strategies. The best practices in the Diaspora engagement of other countries including Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Sudan, Senegal, Nigeria, India, Ireland, and Mexico were shared with the participants by SLDA.

The topics discussed and well reviewed not limited to but included “Conduct study and establish Diaspora profile, establish and maintain effective communication channels and Diaspora policy, Diaspora counselor services, easing and harnessing remittances, Diaspora business and investment, human and technical transfer and volunteer works, Diaspora trust fund, Diaspora participation, creating stronger partnerships, networking, building mutual beneficial relationship with the Diaspora, Diaspora role in the campaign for recognition, philanthropy, appropriate programs in the tourism and culture, an the pertinent approaches to serve the 2nd  and the 3rd  generations of the Somaliland Diaspora.

In addition, the Executive Director of Somaliland Diaspora Agency, Mr. Hassan Ahmed Yusuf, asked for the participants to recommend a suitable date for marking Somaliland National Diaspora Day for which the Agency shared related proposal and the feedback from other Diaspora members previously gathered.

expert presentationSLDA shall continue similar policy consultative meetings particilarly with the government institutions, the civil society and with all stakeholders to ensure finalization of useful and feasible National Diaspora Policy at national level to improve services to the Diaspora both home and abroad and maximize their contribution to the public service and private investments and in accordance with the 2nd National Development Plan Agenda of the Republic of Somaliland


Released by Somaliland Diaspora Agency 

Hassan Ahmed Yusuf, Executive Director,
Sept 11th, 2017, Hargeisa, Republic of Somalilan