Somaliland: State Refutes Axing 97 Employees from the Presidency Payroll


As opposition Parties say move counters the Administration’s job creation strategies

Somalilandsun – The Administration of President Musa Behi Abdi is committed towards availing local youths opportunities for gainful employment
This was stated by the l”in Hargeisa minister of Labour and social services Ms. Hindi Jama Hirsi “Hinda Gaane
The minister expressed the sentiments during a presser in Hargeisa related to recent announcement that 97 persons employed at the presidency have been fired.
“First of all let me clarify that the 97 citizens have not been fired but redeployed”said Minister Hindi Gaane While revealing that cadre of staff were in two categories.
Said she, “first there are those who were seconded to the presidency from other ministries and agencies while the second lot was in the employment waiting list”
Accordingly those emanating from other departments shall be seconded back as avenues of formal employment for the second batch are being explored.
The Labour and social services minister’s presser came in the heels of a condemnations issued by the Opposition UCID party which accused the administration of creating paucity rather than gainful employment.