Somaliland: State Plans to Relegate Judiciary & Legislature to Ministries-MP Hoog


MP Hoog

By: Osman A. M.

Somalilandsun – A member of House of Representatives Hon. Abdirahman Mohamed Jamah (Hoog) has hinted that the Government plans to merge the Judiciary and Legislature under the umbrella of different ministries of the state notwithstanding the principle of separation powers.

Hon. Hoog was in support of the recent outburst made by judicial officers from Hargeisa’s Courts that had a couple of days ago complained of Executive interference in the discharge of their duties.

The opposition legislator made further disclosure that the Government plans to render the functions & roles of both arms of the Government inoperative on their own and subsequently relegating them as departments in different ministries.

Mr. Hoog was addressing his hosts at Dubai when the latter group invited political leaders affiliated to the National Party to grace a function organized by Somalilanders from United Arab Emirates (UAE). In his long speech Mr. Hoog averred that plans are in pipeline for the Silanyo led Government to transfer the roles & responsibilities of the two arms of the state under ministries.

Said the legislator,” I sympathize with the predicaments faced by judicial officers who are under constant pressure emanating from the Executive that ultimately resulted them to call a press conference & let the cat out of the bag. Let me assure you that this is not a problem peculiar only to Judiciary but the same is being experienced by the Legislators of our country”.

Mr. Hoog finally dared the Government to stop its threats asserting that intimidations coupled with duress shall not deter them (MP’s) from performing their duties as representatives of the people in accordance with their mandate as envisaged in the constitution.