Somaliland: State Keen on Environmental Protection


By A.A. Jama

HARGEISA 🙁 Somalilandsun)-The Director General of the Ministry of Environment and Rural Development has warned pastoralists to desist from fencing off grazing-lands arbitrarily hence completely avoid interfering with the perennial grazing patterns of the livestock especially during the periods of drought.

He sounded the caution upon his return from upcountry tour in the Maroodi-jeeh region whereby he passed through several rural centers and witnessed on first hand basis the general situation of the environment.

The DG said that it was incumbent upon the government to oversee the management of the environment and rural development as a whole. He stressed that the government would do its level best through his ministry to make sure that pasture lands are not destroyed by people and render pastoralists and their livestock helpless.

The protection of the environment is a sensitive issue given that the rate of desertification has reached its apex hence pasture lands is traditionally communal, and by thus, must be accessible to all nomadic pastoralists at all costs.