Somaliland: State Introduces Digitalized Road Licensing System


Finance Minister ZamzamAbdi Display the digitaized Road license that shall be moniired by receptors

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun – The government has introduced the issuance of ultramodern vehicle road licenses which cannot be technically forged. This was revealed by the Finance Minister Hon. Zamzam Abdi Aden in her office yesterday.
The Minister said that the new sophisticated road licenses were equipped with receptors whose lining could be detected by sensors atop poles from twenty meters away. They are also computerized.
She also disclosed that a mere flashing of spot-light on the documents will able to reveal to traffic law enforcers whether the licenses were authentic or forged.
The Minister announced that the issuances of the documents would start immediately (today).
She was flanked by the state minister for finance Hon. Osman Adani Sahardid, her DG Mr. Suleiman Jama Dirie and the Accountant General Mr. Mohammed Abdi Bedde when she made the announcements to the press members invited during the launch.
Hopefully the new receptors will bring a semblence of order in Somaliand streets Meanwhile the minister said at the same venue that the state has made gigantic steps towards bothering the local currency by insisting on its use.
She also said that the Yemeni crises did not have adverse effects on the local economy as it had been hitherto feared and envisioned.
Road licenses are issued by the Ministry twice a year on semester basis. The second one starts from July and valid till December.