Somaliland: State in Bollores Activity Fact-finding Mission


Dr M A Omar

By: G. A Maher

BERBERA (Somalilandsun) – The minister of commerce and international investment Mr. Mohamed Abdillahi Omar and the general manager of Berbera international port Mr. Ali Hoor Hoor flew out of the country on trip that will take them to several African countries.

According to a well placed source their journey pertains the ongoing talks with a multinational firm purportedly to have signed a deal to manage the Berbera port. The company which is French owned is called Balore and is believed to be managing several ports across Africa at the moment.

The minister is a fact finding mission on other ports in the continent managed by Balore. The minister of foreign affairs and international relation Mr. Mohamed Bihi Yonis last week flew out on a trip concerning the talks with the French company.

The commerce minister trip is said to be a technical P.T.O one he is going to evaluate the other African ports managed by Balore. The countries Mr. Mohammed is touring are Congo and Nigeria.