Somaliland: State Denies Part in Adorning Wadani Party Colours to Gabile Dogs


As the opposition party acknowledges the imperatives to engage in constructive criticisms based on facts and agenda for national development urged upon by the presidency

Wadani party information Secretary Boobe Yusuf -inset- acknowlegdes new approach adopted by newly appointed presidential spokesperson Eng Hussein Deyr advice

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Wadani the main Somaliland opposition political party has been cautioned against erratic statements merely for the sake of tarnishing the administration.

This is per a statement released by the residential spokesperson Eng Hussein Deyr in which the executive office denied its alleged involvement in the saga that saw dogs draped in Wadani colours paraded in Gabile town during a visit by senior officials of opposition party.

“The presidency does not only deny involvement in the despicable act but also condone it in the harshest terms” read the statement while acknowledging its acceptance of criticism based on facts and geared towards national development.

Following the Wadani colours adorned Dogs saga in Gabile the party responded by accusing the administration, Ruling Kulmiye party and Gabile local council for orchestrating the act, concurred by all to have been in bad taste.

In an new style of engagement contrary to that of responding to scathing attacks in kind the new presidential spokesperson Eng Hussein Aden Egge ‘Eng Deyr’ took upon the mantle of pointing opposition politicians in the right cause.

Wrote him, “Currently the policies guiding the Wadani party are geared towards tarnishing the administration of President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo and ruling party Kulmiye but devoid of tangible strategies to negate its myriad of perceived maladministration”

Unprecedentedly, the presidency went ahead and proffered its political nemesis advice intent for apt shadow government and contending future administration responsibilities, specifically being that the nation expects Wadani party to:

I. Come up with a visionary and nationalistic political agenda/manifesto geared towards not only sustaining but enhancing on existing achievements.

II. Desist from issuance of public statements devoid of factual information for the mere and momentary administration character assassination

III. Start engaging in Communal and national friendly activities rather than prevalent institutionalized government and ruling Party Bashing.

Following publication of the presidency statement the Wadani opposition party acknowledged the imperatives urged upon and at the same time decried the lackluster attention the administration has accorded tackling inflation in the country.

At a press briefing at the party’s headquarters in Hargeisa the Wadani party information secretary (shadow information minister) Boobe Yusuf Duale who congratulated the presidential spokesperson the availed insights also wondered on how the economics learned president Silanyo has failed in harnessing the spiraling basic commodities price increases engulfing the country.

In a covert reference to the anti-inflation committee appointed by president Silanyo recently Boobe Yusuf said that placing the politically lost and low level educated Vice president Abdilahi Sayli in-charge of establishing strategies geared towards reining inflation in Somaliland was an exercise in futility.

The party further released a press statement that addressed reasons behind inflation in Country and utilizing Somali language prose in which Boobe Yusuf is adept

The fiery opposition politician who once served president Silanyo briefly as information minister opinionated that reasons behind prevailing high costs of commodities for the ordinary man do not require a committee to study and recommend corrective measures since the malady emanates from the filled pockets of senior administration officials.

“If president Silanyo orders the opening of personal pockets of most of his senior assistants filled from Hargeisa to London with goodies from public coffers then Inflation shall b as thing of the past” urged the Wadani Information secretary Boobe Yusuf Duale in a televised press briefing.

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