Somaliland: State Denies Involvement in UDUB Woes


Hon Abib Timaade urged UDUB to look inwards“UDUB’s fragmentation is self-inflicted” Hon Abib Diriye

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The government has denied taking any part in the miseries afflicting the UDUB political party.

This is par a statement released by Information minister Hon Abib Diriye Nuur “Tima’ade” who further informed that the former ruling party should stop blaming the government for its internal problems.

Minister Tima’ade was reacting to recent claims by UDUB that its withdrawal from contesting local council elections resulted from illegal machinations by president Silanyo and his government, geared towards eliminating the party from the political playing field.

“UDUB withdrew from the elections after it failed to fulfilled conditions and deadlines set by the national election commission,” Said Hon Tima’ade.

The minister told UDUB, which is the country’s main opposition and former ruling party, to start looking inwards and not towards the government since president Silanyo and his administration have nothing to do with its failure to fulfill election requirements.

While arguing that president Silanyo is not intent on maintaining an illegal grip on power remained, the information minister said that UDUB’s accusations against the head of state were baseless for he has all along acted impartial thus treating all parties equally, even his own Kulmiye.

Said he, “President Silanyo has taken the country’s democratization process several steps forward as exemplified when he legalized the registration of new political groups which are in effect political competitors to the ruling Kulmiye party sponsored him to the presidency.

UDUB that is now calling upon the international community to interfere on its behalf and its supporters to hold protest demonstrations withdrew as a local elections contestant after the political parties and verification committee revoked the nomination of its presidential and vice president candidates respectively.