Somaliland: State Consolidates Revenue Collection


ACGGC eye Lugahaya Customs which processes 90 cargo from DjiboutiBy: Yusuf M Hasan

SAYLA (Somalilandsun) – The administration is harmonizing its sources of revenue at the regional and district levels.

The entire sources of public revenue in all the regions in the country is under scrutiny from the Anti-Corruption & Good Governance Commission-AC&GGC with a team from the body currently in Sayla, the capital of Salal region.

According to our reporter Mohamed Awale Dahir an AC&GGC team led by its chair Commissioner Ahmed Muhumed Madar has for the last two days undertaken various activities in Sayla town pertinent to its mission of investigating good governance and anti-corruption mechanisms currently utilized by public institutions.

Before embarking on activities in Sayla town the AC&GGC team held talks with the regional governor where the graft and governance watchdog briefed on the purpose of their inspection and target institutions.

During the briefing meeting at the Salal governors office which was attended by mayors from various councils in the region, Regional Army, Police and Coast guard commanders as well as all government ministries coordinators in the region Commissioner Madar said “we are to examine how public institutors collect and manage public funds”

The AC&GGC which is charged with ensuring good governance and Zero graft in public institutions conducts annual exercises of a similar nature though it has more teeth and muscle this year as opposed to the past following parliamentary approval and subsequent presidential signature of the law establishing and guiding the Commission.

As per the director of Good Governance Mr. Mohamed Fozi Abdi revenue collection has increased by between 34 & 38% in the regions of Gabile, Awdal and Salal where the team has already finished examination.

informing that the main focus of scrutiny is Revenue collection and its management within local governments, customs, and other public institutions in comparison to 12 months ago, Mr. Fozi said that there is a discernible improvement in the utilization of proper policies and procedures whose result is a reduction in embezzlement thus an increase in revenue accrued and forwarded central coffers at district, regional and national levels.

“The huge progress in revenue collection is due to public institutions adapting good governance by pursuing proper policies and procedures and the next focus shall concentrate on closing all corrupt loopholes thence the overall goal of zero corruption with the public sector” Said Fozi

The good governance director who also revealed that another AC&GGC team is currently undertaking similar activities in the Eastern regions said that the Western regions team led by Commissioner Madar has so far completed its mission in Arabsiyo, Gabile, Borame and now Sayla (Salal).