Somaliland: State Benefits’ Baligubadle Road Construction with $100,000


Somalilad presidency minister  Hirsi H Ali (2nd L) flanked by other senior officials on a Baligubaldle Hargeisa roads construction works tour

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
BALIGUBADLE (Somalilandsun) – The Baligubadle Hargeisa road construction committee has received monetary donations worth $100, 000 from the central government.

The donation was handed over to the committee by the Somaliland presidency minister Hirsi Haji Ali and witnessed by senior officials among them minister of justice, Deputy labour and social services minister, the RDA manager and legislators Nana’aa and Kijande among others.
While informing that the donation was courtesy of the Head of state minister Hirsi also revealed that president Silanyo has much respect for community led projects and has pledged continued support.
The minster’s entourage also included a visiting delegation of Diaspora based Baligubadle residents.

Listen to the Donation hand-over function