Somaliland: State Bans Armed Clan Militias in Sool Region d


Somalilandsun- The Government of Somaliland shall no longer sit and look aside as innocent residents of Sool Region die as a result of clan conflicts.
“To this effect the government as herein banned prevalent norms of arming  clan militias” said the interior minister Mohamed Kahin at the Sool Regional capital Las Anod where a government team he is leading held a meeting.
The team led by the interior minister was dispatched to the region following Renewed clashes between the Qayaad and Baharsame sub-clans in Dhumey location,  South of Sool Region that has so far claimed  claimed 20 lives and over a hundred  Injuries.

The government reconciliation team currently wrapping up work is composed of the monster of education, the three service commanders, speaker of parliament and the Sool Regional Governor as well as a contingent of traditional leaders.

According to the interior minister as of the 14th  September 2018 any armed clan militia congregating anywhere in Sool region shall be dealt with accordingly.
Sending a strong warning to clan elders especially from the two sub-clans that have been at loggerheads for years, Minister Mohamed Kahin informed that they shall be held responsible and face the music if found to be availing arms to young clams-men for purposes of skirmishes.
Similarly all traditional leaders from the two warring clans were ordered to avail themselves at the regional headquarters in Las Anod for purpose of signing a reconciliation and none militia arming agreements.
Since this is the final straw as pertains your regular and life costly bickering, you shall be sworn as per centuries old traditional norms, and including on the holy book of Quran said the interior minister to the elders
The deliberations between the government team and combatant clans also ensued with agreement that all grievances that lead to regular skirmishes between the two brotherly clans shall be listened to An decisions reached.
“Our joint decision shall be binding thence any of the two clans breaking it shall also be dealt with accordingly”the interior minister revealed.
Speaking at the same event speaker of the Somaliland parliament Bashe Mohamed Farah said that the decision to completely disarm the clans was final and adherence was a must.
“We are not here to beg you to maintain peace but to enforce guidelines that shall lead to peaceful co-existence now and afterwards”said the speaker adding that he was hopeful that this will be his last time to be part of reconciliation delegation to the area he calls home.
During its stint in the region the government delegation led by interior minister Mohamed Kahin has undertaken a number of activities including a visit to the two villages of Dhumey and Dharkein-Geenyo which are flash-points of Conflict.
To both clans the minister and extended condolences to the families of those ho died in the recent skirmishes while pledging the administration’s support towards treatment of those injured and now admitted to various hospitals in the country.
At the same time the minister deployed units of security personnel to maintain peace and order until final ceasefire and reconciliation arrangements are completed.

This is not the first time for the two sub-clans of the main Dhulbahante clan of Sool region to engage in deadly clashes.
On why the renewed fighting now, since the two sub-clans have been reconciled through mediation efforts by the government of Somaliland and regional traditional leaders, our source in Sool region  said “though reconciled with agreements being all cessation of hostilities and animosities, the killing of the elderly man is directly responsible”
Prior to the new clashes over 40 people from the two warring sub-clans lost their lives while many others were injured during deadly skirmishes of 2016 that only ceased after intervention by Somaliland government and traditional leaders from the region.
To jumpstart that reconciliation a 20 Member committee was selected and sworn with subsequent negotiations ending with agreement by the two clans to immediately cease hostilities, compensate each other for those killed with blood money paid in camels as well as establish regular peace meetings.
For over a year this arrangement seems to have held steadily thence the much touted security in the region which is synonymous with regular killings and assassinations.

The Somalia administrative region of Puntland that borders Somaliland on the east has been very visible in matters revolving around insecurity in Sool Region Following the forceful removal of its forces from Tukaraq district by Somaliland army a few months back.

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