Somaliland: State Aid’s Puntland attack Victims of Taleeh


Part of the Somaliland Government aid delivered to Taleeh residents

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

TALEEH (Somalilandsun) – Returning residents of Taleeh town are benefiting from central government supplied food items.

This was informed by the Taleeh Local council Executive officer (town clerk) Mr. Feisal Aw Jama Hirsi ‘Hawte’ during a press briefing in which he further revealed that the main casualties of the Puntland attack that instigated the exodus of residents mainly affected the elderly, children and women.

The Taleeh District headquarters in Sool region of Somaliland was the recent scene of a brutal 28th November 2013 armed attack by militias and Puntland Dervishes forces led by General Abdisamad Ali Shire the deputy president of the Somalia administrative region of Puntland.

According to the Taleeh town clerk the government food donations delivered by the Somaliland State minister for Eastern Regions Peace and Reconciliation Ali Mahmud Ahmed ‘Ali Sandule’ is being distributed among the returnees mostly women, the elderly and children.

The returning residents of Taleeh who escaped to neigbouring areas of Sool region especially the capital Las Anod saw their entire livelihoods obliterated during the Puntland attack that was only malicious in nature as the ultimate victims were the vulnerable that are now streaming back in droves but to destroy former residences.

“The Gen Shire led attack spared none for children as young as three years of age were mercilessly gunned down and left for the vultures”

This cartoon by Amin Arts depicts Gen Shire claiming his attack was geared towards the liberation of Taleeh residents

Not only the current returnees to Taleeh have benefited from the food relief items but according to Town Clerk Hawte over 3500 former Taleeh residents and current IDPs at Dumey, Halin and Kawlo centre’s in Sool region were distributed the donations by Minister Ali Handule.

“Another similar number of formerly Taleeh residents now IDPs in Areas between the district capital and Las anod also received portions of the assortment of foodstuffs” Said the Taleeh town clerk Hawte

Revealing that over ten people died among them two toddlers, 15 seriously injured and millions lost in destroyed properties and business goods as a result of the attack Mr. Feisal Aw Jama Hirsi ‘Hawte’ who put the blame on the Puntland administration in Garowe said the area residents are avowed to never allowing a similar occurrence again.

“We were attacked because Taleeh people committed their allegiance to the republic of Somaliland thence their refusal to be pulled into the political quagmire in Puntland and more specifically refusal to take part in forthcoming presidential elections in the enclave”

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