Somaliland: State Affirms Safety of City Residents


Interior minister Ali Waranade

“We are in full Control of Security and have arrested marauding gang-members while minor disturbances in Erigavo have been resolved” –Interior Minister Waran’ade

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The police is in high alert for marauding gangs of thieves that have been terrorizing residents of Hargeisa recently.

This was informed by the Somaliland minister of interior Mohamed Ali Waran’ade while revealing that police in Hargeisa have arrested four gangmembers who killed a university graduate last week.

“The four gangmembers who brutally killed a youth during a botch robbery in the city are in custody and shall be arraigned in court once investigations are complete” said Waran’ade

The gang members effected the murder of late Mustafa Abdi Hassan , in the 26th June Estate of the city the day he, victim graduated from Hargeisa university last week as he escorted a female relative home in the 26th District of Hargeisa during a week that saw a number of similar incidents in the capital city.

In a bid to allay rumours that the killings were systematic and with an ulterior motive the interior minister informed that the late Mustafa and 2 others died from beatings by the gang as they resisted attempts to rob them of personal electronic gadgets like cell phones and laptops.

Urging city residents to go about their businesses without fear minister Waran’ade said, “The police are conducting extra patrols in all the city estates and residents should go about their usual activities without fear”

While Affirming that the state is full control of security Nationwide and safety of citizens assured the interior minister also revisited the issue of recent disturbances in Erigavo town said that a ministerial team has brought matters to normal.

Following the removal of the Somali Gimbar shilling as a legal tender in Sanaag region and its replacement with the Somaliland shilling some dissatisfied residents made protest demonstrations that resulted with injury to 18 of the demonstrators and the death of a police officer thus a dusk to dawn curfew in Erigavo town.

“A high powered ministerial delegation has successfully straightened issues pertaining to the injured 18 residents and the curfew has been removed” said Waran’ade

Following this settlement of minor dispute in which a number of residents had claimed to have been left with large bundles of the now worthless and default Gimbar note, the Somaliland central bank governor Abdi Dirir has confirmed that the Somaliland shilling is now the only legal tender in Sanaag region.

The Somaliland interior minister also informed the press that the security forces have captured a group of people working secretly in an office issuing Somali passports illegally .The office which issues e-passports has been secretly opened for some time, the minister added.

Somaliland recognizes the old green Somali passport but does not accept the newly e-passports introduced by the TFG. Somalis travelling for pilgrimage purposes can use the green passport but will not be permitted to use the e-passports according to the report.The minister promised that all those caught in the act will be brought to justice.

Somaliland issues its own passports but the passports are only accepted by less than a dozen countries.