Somaliland: State Acknowledges Nation Building Role of Citizens in the Diaspora


As head of the Diaspora agency at the foreign ministry visits several Somaliland Diaspora communities in Europe

SLDA Chairmans Meeting with Somaliland Community in Orebro Sweden

Somalilandsun – As many other African states elsewhere, Somaliland communities abroad have remained very resourceful people to this country throughout the recent decades and had more active role than making remittances but also engaged in the economic investment, public institutional building and political development as well.

This acknowledgment follows an ongoing visit to Europe by the chairman of the Somaliland Diaspora Agency-SLDA Abdi Abdilahi Hirsi who has since late November been engaged in overseas trips focused on Somaliland Diaspora communities in certain countries of Europe.

According to a press statement by the SLDA Many of them, citizens in the Diaspora, have permanently returned and made their own businesses here and many professionals of them have taken lion’s share in the higher education progressing, more entrepreneurship and also the Diaspora have increased their contribution to the social services such as education and society welfare programs

SLDA which is a component within the ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation is mandated to work with the Diaspora, provide framework for engagement and maximize role of the Diaspora and their contribution to more economic, social and political development of the nation through laying necessary regulatory frameworks, mechanisms, awareness, better coordination, policies and strategies that best serve the sector. Click For more details on SLDA

Read the SLDA press statement on ongoing European Engagement by its head