Somaliland: State Accords Late Abbas Ediris A.K.A John Drysdale Kingly Burial


State burial for Dreysdale

Somalilandsun- As per the dictates of his religion of Islam late Abbas Idiris was laid to rest at the Masala cemetery in the Somaliland capital Hargeisa.

The burial was attended by a large number of citizens led by Presidenr Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo and other senior leaders representing the government, legislature, Local and International non governmental organizations, the cleric as well as ordinary citizens.

Leading the contigent of foreign dignitaries was a counsellrepresenting the United Kingdom Ambassasor to Erhiopia which also handles issues related to Somalliand thence a show of solidarity with the deceased who though a citizen of Somaliland, happened to have been British born and bred under the name John Deysdale.

iUK diplomat and president Silany at the burial of Dreysdale The deceased who was reckoned as an expert on issues related to Somali speakers died in Hargeisa where he lived for many years after a distinguished service for his native Britain stretching decades that followed his relocation to Somaliland where he converted to Islam and married his beloved spouse.

The late Abbas Ediris A.K.A John Dreysdale shall not only be remembered for his dedication and deligence  the development of Somali speakers but more as the first caucasian to vote in Somaliland elections after he acquired dual citizenship.

The Late Abbas Edris,  a former British army officer, arrived in Somaliland in 1943 in his teens. He served alongside Somaliland soldiers during WWII in Burma and Singapore. During his long career as a career officer, diplomat, businessman, historian and publisher, Drysdale has turned into a prolific writer and analyst of political events in Somaliland, Somalia, East Africa and Southeast Asia.

In 2009, Mr. Drysdale wore a special Islamic cap and attire to pledge allegiance to Islam and to follow the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and Prophet’s Sunna in a ceremony held in Hargeisa’s main Mosque and changed his name completely to Abbas Idris (Enoch), becoming a Somaliland citizen a short time later.

At the funeral, eulogies paying homage to a great British-Somalilander were delivered by the President, the Ministers, the Embassy, prominent citizens, Islamic scholars and former associates all attesting to the greatness of character, determination, integrity and vision of a born humanitarian.

Dreysdale May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace