Somaliland: Stakeholders Brainstorm Electorate Registration


Voters in Somaliland Queue during past elections

By G.A Maher

BORAMA 🙁 Somalilandsun)- A local non-governmental organization (SORADI) held a national debate for how best voters’ registration exercise could be done in the country. The debate was held in Borama town.

The workshop was attended by all sectors of society amongst them were the youth, journalists intellectuals, women, lawyers and other participating dignitaries.

The objectives of debate were to correct past mistakes committed during the last presidential election whereby it is believed some voters casted their votes more than a dozen times.

A senior SORADI official stressed the importance of this debate to a higher national level and added that the population needs a platform to air their views about every day events that affect their lives.

During the debate participants talked about the importance of an exercise without corruption or lack transparency. They went on to say that the national registration of persons is important for the initiation of a free and fair election.

They asked the national election commission to be watchful so that people are not given two voters cards.