Somaliland Stability, Location and Berbera Port Provide the United States with Useful Strategic Options

Somaliland Stability, Location and Berbera Port Provide the United States with Useful Strategic Options;HALO Trust photo

Somalilandsun: “The stability of Somaliland and its location, especially the port of Berbera, can provide the United States with useful strategic options.

This is according to “Stephen M. Schwartz who served as the first U.S. Ambassador to Somalia (2016-17) as he urges the incoming Biden Administration to change tack in Somaliland.

In his piece The Way Forward for the United States in Somalia the former diplomat says the Biden administration should immediately review the full range of U.S. interests with Somalia and develop a fresh policy. The policy should recognize that Somalia’s insecurity stems from a failure of governance and that “political and governance problems need political and governance solutions,” according to Elizabeth Shackelford. The goal is achievable. Many Somali organizations—from the Hormuud and Dahabshil companies to the Somaliland and Puntland governments—operate effectively; Somali citizens deserve no less from their federal and member state governments.

Since the U.S. engagement occurs overwhelmingly at the federal level, which has little capacity to deliver services outside of Mogadishu Amb . Schwartz wants the incoming Biden administration Work More with the States and Somaliland by reviving the former US “Dual-Track” approach by ramping up assistance to the periphery.

Amb Stephen M. Schwartz insets urges incoming US administration of president elects Biden and VP Kamala to take advantage of the Strategic Options Somaliland offers vis ‘a’ vis Somalia

Due to its distance and estrangement from Mogadishu, the United States should establish a consulate in Somaliland to assist U.S. citizens and businesses and to build relationships. It also should work with the African Union and others to resolve Somaliland’s status by persuading Somalia’s next president to undertake immediate and serious negotiations. Somaliland’s stability and location—particularly the port of Berbera—could give the United States strategically useful options, but only if Somaliland has international legal standing to negotiate agreements or consented to provisions of arrangements negotiated by the FGS. Read more HERE