Somaliland: SSE’s Wishes Somalilanders Festive Independence Day Celebrations


SSE’s statement on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of Somaliland independence.

Date : 17/05/2013 REF: SSE/EXT/F033

Somalilandsun – Somaliland Society in Europe (SSE), on behalf of its affiliated organisations, wishes the people of Somaliland wherever they are festive celebrations for this national day.

SSE commends Somaliland diaspora communities in Europe for their heartless efforts to organise celebration events across major European cities and promote the independence of Somaliland. SSE would like also to thank to government of Somaliland for nominating the 18th May independence committee to make this day bigger and nationwide event style.

Why we celebrate

We celebrate 18th May because it is the day when Somaliland reclaimed its independence that it has gained from the British colony on 26 June 1960. It is 22 years ago on Saturday 18th May 1991 when the politicians, elders, community leaders and the representatives of the all the communities from all the regions of Somaliland came together in Burao and decided to withdraw from the voluntary union with Somalia and subsequently held a grand meeting in Borama to lay down of the foundations of today’s Somaliland government.

We celebrate the day because we have achieved a lot with limited foreign assistance. The celebration is not only that Somaliland reclaimed its sovereignty but it is also to celebrate economic achievements, developmental achievements and the building of effective national institutions virtually without the support of the international community and despite international restrictions. We celebrate today because thousands and thousands of children and young people are going to schools and attending universities.

We are confident that our people, our government and our state apparatuses will all work together and continue to build on these achievements. We are confident our nation will contribute to the peace and stability in the region of the Horn of Africa and maintain peaceful relationship the neighbouring countries.


SSE appeals to the international community to re-recognise Somaliland as an Independent State for the sake of the longer term peace and stability in the volatile region of the Horn of Africa. The re-recognition of Somaliland does not violate international law pertaining to state borders. Somaliland has become an independent nation in 1960. The people of Somaliland are proud of their achievements over the past 22 years and are committed to protecting these achievements for the benefit of the region of the Horn of Africa. We also appeal to the international community to facilitate the dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia to work out a two state solution. The reality of today is that the post-1991 generations have only known the Somaliland. These new generations are the main back of Somaliland and they all believe that the recognition of Somaliland will come one day sooner or later.

SSE supports the Somaliland government to continue the dialogue with Somalia without compromising on Somaliland’s sovereignty. SSE also appreciates the outcome of the May London Somalia Conference with reference to its endorsement of the Ankara communiqué.

Many Happy Returns of 18th May

SSE Executive Committee