Somaliland: Sporting Policies Should Be Prioritized


Women cheer their regional teams Editorial

Somalilandsun – Given our self-determination efforts for the past two decades, it should be more than clear to all that our aspirations should be reflected by a penchant for rallying solidarity and setting harmonious cords.

Quite vivid as it was in this column of our previous issue, it is indeed imperative that concerted efforts, are not only needed, but a must from/ by all stakeholders to not only have successful tournaments, but in this case, advance unity, stability, brethren ship, sense of belonging, integration etc.

While it is sad to note that hiccups in sporting, in the context of Somali history, has always been a thorn in the fabrics of the social norms, we should not be relegated to the oblivion but we must rather see to it that something be done to turn around the tables.

The saga of the Togdeer regional soccer team that happened yesterday is a dark, sad and disgusting thing to happen hence sharply counters the spirit of sports and sporting.

While a research is not needed to delve into the factors inhibiting progress in sports, but both short and long term solutions must be prioritized and its policies set.

As we noted before, bonds of unity, friendships, brotherhood, happiness or so are either substantially started hence acknowledged, or better still, outrightly advanced in such circumstantial scenarios, festivities, auras or settings. What happened is against this.

The state should prioritize a government policy that surpasses all others as far as stability, unity and associated national basic foundations are concerned.

For instance; funds for sports, reconciliations, integration and pacification should be established to mobilize best interests therein, and thereabout, concerned.

undeterred by age and high office president Silanyo shoots a basket at Timaade groundsSports need to be integrated from grassroots level, hence be part of life in and at schools, institutions, zones etc.

The national guidance department should be revitalized and have constant intellectual, clerical, traditional and contemporary leaders’ indulgence solicited.

The Head of State exuded the real essence of belonging as he made unprecedented attendance as part of the audience at Tima-adde basketball field and Hargeisa stadium just as he did previously in Burao.

The causes of the Togdeer team saga notwithstanding, the incident itself is a dark moment in the tournament hence undermines and dampens not only the national, but also the President’s personal spirit of integration through sports.

If only sporting tournaments were done on regular basis from ground or grass roots level we would have had more interactions and friendship bonds cemented on top of producing a culture of harmony plus top rated sporting skills and abilities.

For such to be achieved a real about-turn should be made as concerns our practical societal and cultural perspectives thus in coordinating, managing, fledgling or embracing sporting as an in-thing.

To hang the boots for eleven months and run to the pitch to compete is in itself part of the problems.

Better drilled athletes have their health streamlined both in physique and psyche thus mind and bodies.

We should look closely now before we leap into pits in future.

The writer of this editorial is the editor of The Horn Tribune an English weekly newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan media Group