Somalilandsun – Education, culture and technology are aspects in all societies which weld a high degree of sacrosancy.

They are universally untouchables as far as politics and politicking are concerned.

Within the cultural aspect is, in modern times, the subject of sports embeds.

Of course it is abominable to mix, intermingle, or at worse, tie sporting to politicking; other than for a positive reason of harnessing harmony, unity, friendship, stability etcetera, given the right timing.

Now that Hon. Raygal whose portfolio is charged with sports has reiterated that the national sporting events would go on as scheduled hence kick off three days away (15th January 2013), we expect and hope that it would be conducted against a background of harmonious setting. In other words a good timing with conducive atmosphere that is devoid of any hung-ups of political tensions.

Whereas the minister has all the rights in expediting his duties given that sports MUST NOT and SHOULD NOT be tied to politics, the conflicting tentative observations have some cause of concern.

Our socio-politics background and scenario depicts quite a different tradition as far as sports and politics is concerned contrary to those of the rest of the world, both developed and developing ones. Ours is one with a history so much unbecoming, one that connot be envied and one that whose cases were handled with kid-gloves.

We are of course categorically against each and every act that is tailored to undermine the authority of the state and day to day administrative governance.

No individual, group of persons, institution(s) or, in this context, a section of the community should be let to demean, undermine or subvert national structures or our nationhood itself at any given time.

We support the government in every way that endeavours to achieve the smooth running of public services provision.

Anything that can dent our image, values, aspirations or progressive steps within the country or abroad should be avoided at all costs.

We call upon members of the public wherever they are not to take laws into their hands, not to be chaotic, not to mobilize ill-motivations, or better still, and not to be inclined to cause any upheavals in the name of bad sporting or anything else.

The leaders, both contemporary traditional, political or executive should collectively join hands and spread words of wisdom to counter any intended insurgencies or conspiracies.

On the other hand, the state should be able to weigh the stakes soberly and take appropriate decisions.

As the minister reserves all the rights to stamp down his powers in executing his duties, he also holds a political responsibility of national level and just as he can postpone the schedule if necessity demands.

Ministers are the only government officials who wave the wands of both executive and political powers. With collaboration of and consultancy with the Presidency, they ought to handle aptly the latter powers.

We advice that the timing be given serious consideration and the right decision for the goodness of the nation, we remind the need of responsibility and wisdom to take precedence and prevail upon any undertaking that may be deemed as fragile.

We stand for the maintenance of peace and stability hence deal with political issues as political, technical ones as technical etcetera.

Somaliland deserves to be nurtured to full maturity as aspired.

This editorial is in the current issue of the Horn Tribune English weekly newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan media Group