Somaliland: Speaker Irro Parleys Diaspora Citizens in the US


After initial US tour kicking meetings with members of Congress and USAID officials in Washington
Speaker of the somaliland parliament and Wadani party leader Abdirahman Irro poses with  US officials after meeting in Washington DC

By: Omar Mohammed Farah

Somaliland sun – The speaker of house of representatives Abdirahman Mohammed Abdillahi (Irro) and his delegation who is on working visit to the united states met Somaliland’s Diaspora of Washington, Virginia and Maryland.
Speaking the occasion the speaker of lower house of parliament , the chairman of WADANI political party and presidential candidate has thanked Somaliland’s community in united states for their warm welcome to his delegation including senior officials of his party. Further he demanded Somaliland community in United States to unite how to advocate Somaliland’s struggle of recognition.
Addirahman Irro Briefs Somaliland Citiznes in the USAMr. Abdirahman Irro briefed to the Diaspora the current situation of the country; he directed that preparation of forthcoming elections is conducted in the Somaliland.
The speaker described depth issues about the resumption of the Voter registration exercise and the recovery of harsh drought hit throughout the country particularly the western regions of Somaliland.
Some of the Somaliland citizens living in the USA at meeting with Irro in WashingtonIn his part Jamal Ahmed Dharor, the chairman of Somaliland community in the United States, has explained the cooperation of the Diaspora. He directed that they contribute normally the development of their native country. He added that they are out siders of local political parties “we usually invite the government officials and the senior political leaders of Somaliland when they visit to united states, before weeks we met the chairman of UCID party Faysal Ali Warabe Who has briefed as the current situation of Somaliland,” said by Da’ud Ahmed.
The Somaliland team led by Irro at meeting with US officialsThe delegation led by speaker of House of Representatives Abdirahman Mohammed Abdilahi (Irro) has also met with members of the US congress and USAID officials in Washington DC where relevant and fruitful discussions were held and various issues related to continued mulit-sectored partnership agreed upon .

Irro gives a keen ear to a US colleague in washington