Somaliland: Speaker Attends 8th NNPD Festival in Jijiga


By: G.A. Maher

HARGEISA: (Somalilansun) -The speaker of parliament Hon. Abdirahman Mohammed Abdillahi (Irro) has been invited by the Federal Republic of Ethiopia Speaker of Parliament to take part in Ethiopia’s 8th NNPD celebration which this year is expected to be held in the zone-five region.

Hon. Abdirahman is accompanied by parliament secretary Hon. Abdirissak Said Ayanle and there are no other government official’s political parties and the president of the republic H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud (Silanyo) going to Jijiga where the ceremony will take place. The Somali speaking regions, Djibouti, Kenya and Sudan have been invited to this celebration.

He has practically attendee the last seven celebrations, all of them by courtesy of the invitation of the speaker of Ethiopian federal parliament.