Somaliland Sovereignty: President Bihi did the right thing to Stop the UN’s Blatant Meddling

Somaliland President cum ruling party chief says the main function of government is protection of the country and her sovereignty

Somalilandsun: This week, the Somaliland government suspended all UN operations in the country until further notice, according to a press release from Somaliland Ministry of Planning.

President Bihi also while delivering a speech at the ruling Kulmiye Party meeting injected in his talk a note of caution against the efforts of the UN and its various agencies and other NGO’s to undermine the integrity of Somaliland by backing one faction of Somalia’s civil war. Bihi did the right thing  to mitigate the affect of the damages that have been done to the self determination of Somaliland people by the blatant meddling  of the highly biased, corrupted and politicized UN and its various agencies.

In the early 1990’s, the late UN Secretary General, Boutras Ghali, promoted Egypt’s national interest on Nile water; consequently, he pushed hard reconstituting a United Somalia with irredentism in Ethiopia. The UN has actively financed groups that have been waging campaigns against Somaliland’s people rights for self determination.

The late Somaliland President Mohamed Egal and the United Nations had a contentious relationship until he passed away in 2002.In 1993, Mr. Egal expelled all UN staff from Somaliland because they were undermining his efforts to build a functioning state structure and to unite Somaliland people out of the ruins of a brutal civil war.

 The UN even denied Egal a vital aid to demobilize clan militias and to build government institutions unless Somaliland comes under One Somalia policy of UNISOM— UNSOM predecessor in 1990’s. Egal with the help of Somaliland people had succeeded in bringing organic peace and stability, and building a functioning government albeit imperfect in Somaliland, in contrast, the UN and its backers had failed to do so in Somalia up to now. Read more……