Somaliland: Sovereignty is a Unanimous and Irrevocable Decision made by Somalilanders- Sil


In the strongest terms yet has the President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo reiterated the country’s sovereignty in an unprecedented speech by a Head of State on a national day as he oversaw commemorations marking the coFrom left Guurti Chair Hon Suleiman Aden, President Silanyo and Speaker of Parliament Hon Abdirahman Irro at the ceremonial diasuntry’s 22nd anniversary of independence in Hargeisa

By: M.A Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The President underpinned the essence of SL as a national entity hence underscored her self determination to achieve the people’s aspirations at all costs.

In his 18th May Independence Day celebration commemorating the 22nd year since Somaliland re-asserted her independence from former Somalia regime, the Head of State vowed to set up the efforts to boost the country’s ultimate full integration into the community of nations.

The President’s speech which was highly acclaimed by the members of the public called for unity, solidarity and togetherness hence appealed for constant maintenance of peaceful stability while stepping up vigilance.

H.E. Ahmed Silanyo outlined chronologically how the former Somalia Unity collapsed, resulting in SL re-asserting its independence.

“Our country is an independent democratic and a peaceful country”, said the President in an unequivocal and vivid clarification of SL as an entity.

He added that it is a country sustaining her populace, re-built and developed by her own people hence guarded vigilantly by the same, whereby the world respectfully acknowledge her existance.

The Head of State reminded the nation that every country was advanced by their own patriots and that such prosperity and development was only achievable when the populace are united, in solidarity and confront issues in togetherness as one.

Noting that development is the cornerstone of our self-determination, the President said that, “You are aware of our past economic status and where we have managed to reach today”.

He however warned that there was still a long way to go.

In an emotional coaxing to nudge the populace to step up economic production, the President lamented, “It is perturbing for my people neglect livestock and agricultural production and the environment”.

While acknowledging the expectations of his office and at the same time while he knew the general livelihood standards of the people, he called on the populace to rise to the occasion by being productive.

Quipping with a query, the President wondered, “How can we achieve development if we do not toil and work our lands?”.

He noted the tangible rehabilitation and construction of government offices, modern graded highway etc in the city hence pledged to keep up the pace.

The Head of State told the international community that they ought to acknowledge the facts that in reality Somaliland was an entity that re-asserted its independence and nationhood hence that there was no way out they can assume otherwise.

He said that the right to self-determination of Somaliland was similar to that of any other country elsewhere on earth.

Reminding everybody that the SL essence wasn’t something that has just shooted, H.E. Ahmed Silanyo re-lived the 1960 union of southern Italian Somaliland and British Somaliland which aborted on the 5th of July 1960 (barely a week after uniting) – when Y.I. Samatar Gandhi revealed the fallout.

He said that it was soon after followed by the referendum on the union that SL resoundingly echoed “NO” (90%).

Soon after, the President recalled, the teachers demos dubbed “Bakayle-qalad” was quickly followed by resignations from the cabinet by Somalilanders.

So was the aborted coup by revolting SL officers and subsequent sentiments under-scored the belligerence ensuring thereafter.

The President continued speaking of SL’s well documented history hence brought the audience close to tears when he talked of the massacres, mass murders genocide and tortures perpetrator upon Somalilanders for being disgruntled!

Apart from the air-bombings he cited the Jazira executions, murders of Burao traders, massacres at Malka Durdura and Kal-Sheekh, to mention but a few, as shocking incidences whose wounds really hurt to-date.

H.E. Ahmed Silanyo stated that given the Greater Somalia Dream which SL aspired to hence initiated the union, the repercussions of the aborted unity killed and buried the dreams for good such that SL would not rescind her stature again.

He wished the Kenyan, Ethiopian, Somaliland and Djibouti Somalis well and urged them to be true to their respective countries.

He warned that an effort to revive the doomed dream would have serious repercussions hence that her stature ought to be respected.

The Head of State said that SL has so far established democracy, multipartism, independent judiciary and legislative systems and executive governance with international guidelines.

He said that while the country has all the qualifications as of any other sovereign country in the community of nations, the state would step up its lobby to achieve dejure status and fledge the wings to as many countries as possible.

In the same breath he said that the country is engaging international investiture in the country and that was set to achieve its goals at all cots.

The President thanked all arms of the government, the intellectuals, traditional leaders, youth and women hence prayed to God for blessing such that the populace may prosper.