Somaliland: Sool Regional Adminstration Official Assassinated in Las Anod


Somalilandsun: A government official who was the Sool regional coordinator of the Somaliland National Tender Board in Sool region, Mohamed Abdullahi Darod alias (Jeeri), has been assassinated

According to a report by Araweelonews    eye-witnessess said the public servant was gunned down in a market area outside the Power House Hotel not far from the tarmac road in the center of Las Anod last night in Las Anod, the capital of Sool region.

The motive behind the killing is unknown, and there has been no word from the Somaliland government or security agencies about the killing.

Earlier, a small group of regional officials met at the scene of the killing, asking people about security issues.

The witnesses add that shortly after the security related operation the officer was shot several times and died immediately.

The assassins struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of mourners, who had gathered to watch a funeral procession.

Mohamed Abdullahi Darod, popularly known as (Jeeri), was described by locals as a popular young man and one of the most active youths in the region, and described his death as shocking and tragic.

Such killings have been commonplace in Las Anod for almost a decade, which has been relatively quiet, with no recurring plots in Las Anod targeting Somaliland government officials and public discourse.

Despite this killing , the government of Somaliland has been very successful in extending scope of public services in the region.

While no statement has been issued by either the Sool regional or Somaliland Central adminstrations, Somalia’s regional state of Puntland is usually behind such acts in the area it aspires to reign.