Somaliland: Sool Region Leaders Affirm Commitment to Support Government Activities


As traditional leaders ask government to end ban imposed on Golis company owned telecommunication cable
Golis of Somalia and Somcsble of Somaliland Tussle for Sool region fiber optic installation

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- The government of Somaliland has full support of the collective Sool leadership in endeavors geared towards enhancing livelihoods through provision of assorted public services.
This was announced following meetings held in Lasanod between regional traditional leaders and a visiting delegation composed of senior government officials and politicians who represent the region at national level in Hargeisa.
The thirty strong team from Hargeisa composed of ministers, Members of parliament and senior public servants are hailing no from Sool region is led by Interior minister Yassin Mahmud Hiir ‘Faraton’ and includes water minister Hussein Abdi Boos, deputy Justice minister Yusuf Aflahaar, MP Suleiman Ali Koore , director general ministry of culture and tourism Feisal Hawte and former water minister Bashe Ali Jama among others.
Upon arrival to the regional capital Lasanod, minister Faraton informed that the main objective of the broad based delegation from Hargeisa he is leading related to inspection of development projects in the region as well as future needs as well as issues pertaining to ongoing drought, security and the way forward
Following their inspection the delegation later met with traditional leaders with whom a number of agreements were reached in relation to the region’s concerted engagement with the government of Somaliland as a prelude to availing maximum public services.
A post meeting communique signed by leaders of the two sides read.
1. Entire residents of Sool region are firmly committed to the sovereignty of Somaliland as well as fully support current elected administration of president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo
2. Urge continued state intervention towards ensuring reconciliation agreements reached between formerly warring clans of Baarsame and Qayad is fully implemented
3. Request the expedited meeting between Dhulbahante clan and government of Somaliland as promised by president Silanyo
4. The traditional leaders commit to ensuring all Dhulbahante sub-clans participate in the meeting with Somaliland government
5. The leaders urge that the meeting be held without any preset conditions thence a conducive environment for fully accepted reconciliation
6. Residents of Sool region consider any other agreement reached with the government of Somaliland by other on their behalf as non binding
While not included in their finally communique the traditional leaders asked the government to lift the purported ban on communication cable meant to serve Lasanod town and entire Sool regions as a whole.
 R Minister Faraton MP Suleiman Ali Kore and former Somaliland water minister in Lasanod It is not clear how the government of Somaliland shall handle this request concerning the banned communication cable that is owned by Golis a telecommunication company operating and owned in Puntland, an administrative region of Somalia bordering Somaliland to the east.
Though justified in their request considering that Somaliland owned Somcable is yet to reach eastern regions of Somaliland all the way from Toghdeer, Sool and Sanaag the government in Hargeisa views Golis though among major telecommunication giants in the areas as a foreign company.
Most likely the Sool leaders demand for Golis to be allowed access to the local market might push the government towards unearthing ills afflicting the $30m contract awarded Somcable towards supplying Djibouti fiber optic nationwide over five years ago.