Somaliland: Sool Region, From Peace-Building to Public Services Enhancement


Somalilandsun- Rather than the reserves of peace building and reconciliation of warring clans the Sool regional administration is currently engaged in the enhancement of public services.

This was informed by the Sool regional governor AbdirashidHussein Abdulle “Gargar” during an interview with DawanNewspaper.

On the issue of the oft-precarious security status of Sool region in the east of the country Governor Gargar said “The entire region is enjoying an unprecedented peaceful status since hitherto insecurity occasional by warring clans or wanton killings especially in Lasanod is a think of the past”.

In the past Sool region has been one of the most volatile places in Somaliland with regular cases of daylight killings of inside in the capital Lasanod, not to mention recurring clan skirmishes.

The central government in Hargeisa and the regional administration at Lasanod under stewardship of President Musa Bihi have secured peaceful co-existence intervention and are now concentrated in provision of public services regionally” said Governor Gargaar.

According to the administration public services are now being availed not only in Las anod town but within all trading centers in Sool region.

Said he, “Residents of rural areas in Sool region no longer need to travel to Lasanod town for basic services including medical,security or education”.

Accordingly, the ease of availability of much needed public services by rural residents of Sool has also enhanced their purchasing powers thence a descendible poverty reduction stressed the administrator.

The calming of clan conflict in Sool and subsequent elimination of regular assassinations in Lasanod town is welcomed news in Somaliland owing to the security dangers posed by the Somalia administrative region of Puntland which is actually a tribal enclave of the Majertenia clan, that claims sovereignty over eastern Sanaag region and entire Sool region.

Queried on recent threats to attack Somaliland issued by Puntland administration in Garowe, the Sool regional governor Abdirashid Hussein Abdulle “Gargar” said “verbal threats are nothing to concern us and by the way we are busy serving Somalilanders thence unconcerned” while stressing on the fact that the Somaliland army has only one objective, “being the defense of the country against external aggression”.

Puntland astounded the world a few days ago when it issued a statement threatening to attack Somaliland and forcibly reclaim Tukaraq district in Sool region from where the tribal enclave’s administration was dislodged from a few months ago by Somaliland army.

Puntland’s threat was aptly responded to by President Musa Bihi Abdi who stated that “Somaliland is not only willing but fully prepared to defend its territorial integrity at all costs” while maintaining its good neighbourliness.

The Puntland claim over eastern Sanaag and entire Sool region in Somaliland is pursuant to the enclave’s constitution which avers to jurisdiction over all lands occupied by the Harti sub clan of the Daarood clan.

Eastern Sanaag is home to Warsangeli clan while Sool region hosts the Dhulbahante clan who together with the Majeerteniaclan in Puntland make up the Harti clan.

By Yusuf M. Hassan