SOMALILAND: SONSAF Holds Local Media Assessment Workshop


Participants of the SONSAF Workshop on media follow proceedings

By: Moody Bodle

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland Non State Actors Forum (SONSAF) initiated a workshop for Somaliland journalist to analyze, brainstorm and search the nearest solution to tackle the obstacles that impedes development endeavor of the media sector in Mansoor Hotel.

The workshop was officially opened by the assistant minister of information and culture and national guidance, Hon. Abduwahib Abdulqadir Abdurrahman who defined in brief the nature of the workshop and the good timing of the workshop initiators to officiate it, he added” this is a great a great opportunity for members of the media profession to express, advise, observe and even collect information on what obstructs their working capacity and how to overcome them”.

Somaliland Deputy information minister Abdiwahib Abdulqadir (C) and other dignitaries at the SONSAF Media workshop High table

The SONSAF workshop that was professionally organized was overwhelmingly participated with all media and information stakeholders, members of the national assembly, politicians, international NGO s, journalists associations SOLJA, WIJA, USJ, SSJW, the state and all private media representatives and retired old school journalists whom al touched on the vitality the brainstorming generates and the rosier impact it will transform to the journalism fraternity.

SONSAF chairman Mr. Mustafa Sad Dimbil said that SONSAF is a non state actor advocacy body where journalism is a part and parcel our policy mandate in the professional sector, headed” this workshop is meant to unfold the impediments the journalists and their employers endure in the course of their duties.

A Section of Journalsts keenly follow workshop proceedings

The MP of the national assembly of Somaliland and also the chairman of the house social affairs committee Hon. Hassan Awale Ainan urged the journalists to evaluate their status in unison and advised that an independent counsel be created to vet the journalist’s criteria before allowed to practice because it is the biggest instigator reporting biased manner.

Meanwhile after rounding up of the workshop it revealed that journalism is put to discretion by lack of enough academic knowledge and institutions, economical, unethical standard and lack of working space tools.

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