Somaliland: Somtel Expands Services to Puntland


Somtel launch in Puntland

By: Latifa Yusuf M Hasan

GAROWE (Somalilandsun) – Residents of Puntland are now accessing full services provide by Somtel Company.

This development the official launch of various Somtel services including communication, Internet and mobile money banking through e-Dahab at a colourful ceremony held in Garowe capital of the Somalia Administrative region.

Graced by various dignitaries from government, private sector, traditional and religious leaders as well as ordinary citizens the launch of the services that had been operating briefly in an introductory capacity was officiated by the Vice president of Puntland Abdihakin Abdilahi Omar ‘Amey’ assisted by Somtel officials.

Somtel which is subsidiary of the giant Dahabshiil group of companies has so far employed over 600 skilled and unskilled citizens of Puntland thence service its operations region wise.

This was revealed by the Somtel General Manager Mr Abdirahman Ali Abdi while revealing that the company and its parent-Dahabshiil shall not only provide communication, internet and mobile banking services but as it is to be reckoned with return back part of its profits to the community through its corporate responsibility program.

VP Amey officiates Somtel launch in Puntland

In a brief introduction Mr Abdirahman Ali told participants that Somtel is an organization powered by its people and driven by Dahabshiil excellence, diversity and market presence. These dynamic forces have enabled it to become one of the leading mobile telecom companies in East Africa.

Adding that “We seek to create economic and social value wherever we go. As conscientious business citizens, we regard our social, cultural and environmental responsibilities as sacred. Our commitment is demonstrated in community support and development programs in the country we operate in.” said the General Manager.

According to the Somtel Puntland regional manager Dr Saeed Mohamed Abdile Hasan the foray of the giant communication company into Puntland finally facilitates a full coverage of the entire Somalia speaking region.

With a commercial presence spread across Somaliland and Somalia regions, Somtel is the leading telecommunications company in the Horn and East Africa, with thousands of employees providing a comprehensive range of mobile voice and data services to millions of individual and business customers.

As he unveiled the diverse services the company brings to the region the regional manager stressed on the fact that Somtel has endeavour to introduce modern state of the art technology.

Section of Guests at the Somtel launch in Puntland

Among the diverse services Somtel Puntland avails its clients include

With Prepaid and Post-paid Services, Somtel avails ease of connecting people in all its operational areas from the city to villages and internationally as well.

Prepaid Service

Enjoy the flexibility and peace of mind of owning a prepaid line. Both voice and Internet are offered on these lines to fit your needs without the stress of monthly bills with scratch cards and E-vouchers available at every branch and distributors of Somtel.

Post-paid Service includes both voice and internet services in packages that include unlimited international SMS and a 50% discount on international calls.

Also available is International & Roaming (Delmar Service) that always clients to Stay connected while abroad.

Mobile Messaging is a service in which Somtel keeps its clients connected beyond just a phone call.

Among the components within the mobile messaging service include SMS service, Multimedia service and SOMSMS (Bulk SMS) that enables a subscriber to send a message to a group of people all at once through a Somtel service number. Service registration is free.

· The Somtel Mobile Services allows one to take full advantage of a cellular phone among the components being Voice Mail-Retrieve and store voice messages from calls that you have missed.

· Video Call- Talk to your friends face to face by seeing them live through your mobile phone.

· Call Divert- This service is activated free of charge. Call charges with this service are applied to the originator’s number and not the e dahab mobile banking servicenumber being diverted to, just like it is with the normal divert service.

· Tebiye Service- with Tebiye, you can find out who called you when your mobile is switched off or out of the coverage area. The Tebiye SMS tells you the time of the missed call, the number it came from and how many attempted calls were made to your phone.

Home Services

Somtel’s Home Services offer a wide range of products to keep you connected from home like

VoIP (voice over IP) ” ila so hadal”
A major advantage of VoIP is that it avoids the tolls charged by ordinary telephone services.Internet service:
Somtel is the fastest and most trustworthy internet service provider in its areas of operations where clients access latest like 4G at affordable prices ranging between $20 for 64kps to $2400 for 4048kps .
TebiyeFixed wireless phone “fwp”
Fixed wireless refers to wireless devices or systems that are portable or situated in fixed locations, such as an office or home. Whether by mobile or landline you can call staffers, co-workers and partners throughout the country with a fixed rent of only $5. 

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