Somaliland:Traditional Elder to Stop Meddling With Military Affairs


By: Bodle

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun) – The famous traditional elder Suldan Mohamed Suldan Abdikadir has spoken in un warranted language to the Somaliland National Army leaders.

Sources claim that this is not the first time that the traditional chief has publicly accused the army leaders and in a vulgar tone and language.

The sources said THAT ON THE 7/6/2014 the chief attempted to sell a piece of land that belongs to the Somaliland army and is located next to the airport to a member of public hence brought a construction team of masons and coolies. The military personnel who lived in the army leased land stopped the work and arrested the chief and his contractors. Then no sooner than the army commander had of the traditional chief than he ordered his release and the contractors to be arraigned in the courts of law.

The traditional leader is urged to preserve his dignity and honor and remember that the army is the first defense body of our country.