Somaliland: Somaliland UK Ambassador Refutes Linkage with Somalia


By: A.A.J

UK: Somalilandsun) – Somaliland ambassador to UK his Excellency Ali Adan Awale told the media that he had discussed with UK government about the independence of Somaliland.

Ali Adan Awale said UK government said the community of Somaliland took their decision to be independent country in 1991. He added that the UK government said the talks between Somaliland and Somalia is about their future relation of their countries.

His Excellency Ali Adan Awale brief UK government Somaliland is peaceful country with love unity it is not like Somalia where there is insecurity, he said Somaliland and Somalia are two deferent countries. Somaliland is democratic country it has held free and fair elections.

After twenty three years when Somaliland returns its independence it has held four presidential elections which was the first president was late Abdirahman Abdilahi Ali (Tur) the second president who was the late Haji Mohamed Ibrahim Egal, the third president was Riyale and fourth who is now the president of republic of Somaliland his Excellency Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Silanyo Somaliland has held much development after twenty three years without recognition of the international communities.